the nDt mission is “to keep professional dance thriving in the Triangle all year and expose the importance of all arts in our community, for ALL audiences- making us a more powerful force for our culture & world.”

we believe that dance exists in all of us, everyone has the right to discover it and anyone should be able to relate to it. the nDt company has three branches of service to help bring our mission to life:
nosi DANCE theater, our performance sector, nosi educates, our educational & outreach programs, and nosi creates, our creative services company of commercial & industry endeavors.


the nDt idea emerged in 2005, when the artistic director
returned to her hometown of Durham, NC and found few
opportunities for professional dancers in the area to
perform or teach.  Nor was there any improvement
in the performing arts community of presenting fresh,
innovative, relatable dance to existing or
new audiences. 

nDt has arrived to spark the dance world to a wider range
of cultural diversity, history, excitement and
entertainment!it's difficult to describe nosi DANCE
theater.  we blend many dance techniques including-
modern, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and ethnic
dance with various musical genres, from the pop, rock,
r&b, jazz and classical worlds.